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Testing Mac OS X Yosemite Beta on VMware Fusion 6.0.4

Today, Apple released the Public Beta of Mac OS X Yosemite. I haven’t tested a beta release of Mac OS X before, as I’ve yet to migrate to the full-paid Developer Program account. This is the first time Apple has chosen to release a beta version to the public though, so I thought I’d give it a spin.

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 11.18.41 PM
Mac OS X Yosemite Beta installed under VMware Fusion Professional 6.0.4


Concentrating Network Access Through an Overdrive Pro 3G/4G Mobile Hotspot

Broadband Internet is practically a fixture in the modern home. However, there are places where dial-up is still the only option (that, or satellite). With content tailoring a minimum of a DSL connection these days, dial-up connections are even more insufferable.

Thankfully, the growing popularity of wireless data and high-speed wireless broadband networks have introduced another option for those in areas that have little other choices when it comes to an internet connection. One such option I explore here is the Overdrive Pro 3G/4G mobile hotspot. This guide explores how we can tailor this device to serve as a home internet connection, and support as many devices as you have. Through the power of custom-firmware DD-WRT routers, we are able to make this internet solution work for the home. Read More...

Problems with iPhone/iOS WiFi Hotspot

When I travel, I periodically find it easier to utilize my iPhone 4S WiFi Hotspot (Personal Hotspot) to service my Macbook or iPad. This is especially true in certain airports that don’t offer free WiFi. My use is typically casual in these scenarios--checking e-mail, news, etc. I came across a point recently where trying to utilize my WiFi Hotspot under iOS gave me some trouble. I thought it might help if I shared what I found to work for me in fixing this problem. Read More...

Parallels 7 Features Automatic Linux Download

Parallels 7 for Mac comes out officially on Sept. 6, with a whole list of additional new features. Aside from the traditional performance improvements, this release brings a few niceties to this already great software product. One great new addition is the ability to automatically create a new Linux VM with essentially no required interaction! Inside, I discuss a couple of the new features, with some screenshots! Read More...

Mac OS X Lion - Initial Thoughts and Clean Install

It has been a couple weeks since the initial release of Mac OS X Lion. I had been debating for a while whether I should do a clean install or simply upgrade my existing Snow Leopard installation. Under Linux, I typically preferred to do clean installations (although under Ubuntu, I’ve been upgrading a work machine with every release and kudos to it, it’s worked great) to get a taste for the latest progress of the OS. Read More...